Non-fiction Editor: Ariana Maciel

2018 Staff



English Writing Arts and English Literature

What are your interests?

Playing the ukulele, making funny videos, role playing, making up words

Life goal?

To be peaceful and present in all my endeavors

What are you passionate about?

Life, food, alcohol, animals, literature, philosophy

Favorite TV show?

Girls, Sons of Anarchy, It’s Always Sunny, Game of Thrones

Favorite color?


Favorite word?


Favorite time of the day?

Sunrise and sunset

Fondest memory(ies)?

When my little sister was born in 2001, When my father came back from Iraq in 2002, When my mother was pronounced cancer free in 2015.

What do you love about yourself?

My versatility.


Milk Like Sugar



This weekend SUNY Plattsburgh’s Theatre department is putting on a production of Kirsten Greenidge’s play “Milk Like Sugar.”  Its opening show this Thursday was fantastic.  The play features three young girls who have made a pregnancy pact, not fully understanding the severity their actions.  The play follows Annie as she searches for a way to live the best way she can.  It shows us what people make of the lives and situations they have been given.

The production was captivating with both funny and serious moments;  it had us laughing and feeling for the characters.  The actors and crew did a great job and I would recommend this show to anyone who can make it to campus this weekend.  There will be three more shows: Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 and Sunday afternoon at 2:00.  Tickets are three dollars for Plattsburgh students, nine for faculty, seniors, and students, and eleven for general admission.  Enjoy!

This post was written by Melanie Kiehl.  Melanie is a junior and ZPlatt’s Fiction and Drama editor.  She is also a great lover of the arts.