Nicole Zeien | Just Tuesday

Walked Rascal in the rain

Missed a stop sign

Didn’t wash the dishes

Forgot the lyrics

Dropped my skinny caramel latte

Sang off key

Couldn’t find a parking spot

Tripped over the sidewalk

Had the wind steal my umbrella

Jaywalked across Second Avenue

Missed the elevator

Stumbled up the stairs

Waited watching Dora the Explorer for an hour

Talked with mom

Spilled my purse

Listened to foreign words

Almost threw up

Forgot to pay attention

Asked him to repeat that

I don’t have leukemia

Forgot where I parked

Called mom


Ran a red light

Picked up a bbq chicken pizza

Returned buffalo chicken pizza

Walked Rascal in the dark

Opened a bottle of wine

Cuddled with Rascal

Watched the Sleepless in Seattle

Squirted toothpaste on the mirror

Took out my contacts

Couldn’t fall asleep

Thankful for the day


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