Keith Letky | i’ve wandered dawn and dusk and wondered why

i’ve wandered dawn through blackout squalls in search

of gentle stirs and soothing words to wake

for morning milk i’ve mourned and so i yearn

to up and see the eyes that gave me mine


i’ve wandered in the soft exchange between

the streetlights and the sun whose blades were whet

a world away to slice the canvassed sky

and let it bleed like paintings turpentined


i’ve wandered into sunday morning mass

to stand beside the meek and self-indulged

all high on hallelujah stoned for christ

and drunk off water they all thought was wine


i’ve wandered west and sped on highways worn

and drifted over lines with eyes beyond

the road to the heart of a sun i thought

would rise but found it null en route to void


i’ve wandered and i’ve roamed this war-torn land

once ridged with white and mirror-ditched now bare

the harvest missed the reap what had been sowed

o will i ever have the right to peace


i’ve wandered dreams as deep as nesting dolls

and woke to neon lights ablaze allure

the anglerfish he calls me to his door

and swallows whole my worries and my woes


i’ve wandered dusk through whiteout gales retraced

my steps through snow that end in fields of night

beneath a moon too full it pulls my tide

too far too hard the sun mistook for moon


i’ve wandered dawn and dusk and wondered why

forgetting yesterday is not enough


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