Farrel (Ryan Herlihy) | When I Have a Son

When I have a son.

We will wear matching superhero under

and tie bed sheets to our necks to make capes.

We will attack the lair of evil.

Also known as, the basement.

Our head quarters will be

in a magnificent castle

sculpted out of snow in the front yard.

We will be the defenders.

Against abominable snowmen, and cat poop.

We will do mighty battle until,

we get the shivers

and have to go in for hot cocoa.

Made by the Queen of superheroes.

Also known as Hunny or Mom.


When I have a son.

We will explore the wilds, of city streets.

Where he will learn to brave the public restrooms

and go in his own stall.

Knowing I’m standing right outside.

I will send him to walk on perilous journeys.

To school, and the corner store, and the park.

Where he will stand on his own for life or death.

Or maybe just pride and embarrassment.

We will both come with scraps and bruises.

We will proudly strut them around the house,

until the Queen of super heroes puts band aids on them.


When I have a son.

There will be no end to the learning.

Everyday will be an educational adventure.

I will teach him:

Physics, Psychology, Philosophy, and most importantly,

that underwear goes on the inside.

I will teach him everything he needs to know about women.

I will tell him.

Go ask your Mother.


When I have a son.

I will see life differently.

I will have completed cycle of life.

He will be, everything that I have to give.

V.S. What the world has to throw at him.

I will cry, I will laugh, I will love.

I think my life will be better.

When I have a son.


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