Farrel (Ryan Herlihy) | The Trees Only Grow Leaves Once

It will be too long

before these leaves fall.

Crimson wilting from solar flares

is more of a danger.


They say Fall always comes.

But how long can a tree

hold on to its leaves

when the frigid cold

threatens to strip it bare?


Each leaf is a connection

to a precious season.

When the Sun shined

for only two trees

in the whole valley.


Can a tree die

from holding on to its leaves?

Will the leaves become toxic

like fatal obsessions?

What if a tree becomes stagnant

and never flourishes again?


This new season is ugly.

In a valley of dead grass and grey clouds.

The trees’ leaves are dry, cracked, and brittle,

but firmly attached.

It stands against the darkness of the moon,


next to a stump.


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