Daniel Pronto-Gordon | Bedtime Story

With the hounds of regret at my ankles

I cannot help but think I made a mistake.

Could I have done something else?

For Christ’s sake!


The words scratch my tongue

Claws of truth made in jest.

“What could he be thinking?”

They said, “Taking on such a quest.


“The beast shows no mercy

And will only be your end.”

I said “I care not

To my dearest, my love send.”


Into its mouth I sailed

Seeking no mercy

No decency, no consideration

No manners, no curtsy.


Regardless I sailed

Without care or a worry

But into deaths hands

Would I be in a hurry.


Never would I return

Flashed in my mind, in a thought

But never in my life

Have I defended, have I fought.


So there I stood unarmed,

To be destroyed post-haste

And in the beasts’ mind

I was trash, I was waste.


Never the less I stood

Waiting to feel the final blow

But then in the distance

Was a light, was a glow.


I was lost in this apparition

And then warmed by its light

Suddenly I had not a care in the world,

No protest, no fight.


“What happened next?” you ask,

With innocence unfurled.

I cannot tell you, but one day you’ll know

My love, my child, my darling, my world.


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