Andres Colon | Waitress

More Coffee Dear?

                                                                        Not at the Moment Mary,
plus I think the pot is burnt.

Yet you’ve drank it all morning.


                                                                        Indeed I have, but through my teeth
so my tongue wouldn’t suffer.

Fuck off!  Not today.


                                                                                          Oh come come Mary you know I just tease.

And I fucking hate it!


                                                                                          Yet I am in fact your favorite.

Fuck you!


                                                                                          That wasn’t a no.

Wasn’t a yes.

                                                                                          but still wasn’t a no

You’re an ass.


                                                                                          Do you talk dirty to all your customers Mary?

Shut up! Your eggs will be done soon.


                                                                                          You’ll miss me when I’m gone.

You’re lucky your cute.


                                                                                          I’m lucky you haven’t pulled a knife yet.

don’t tempt me.

                                                                                          Never dream of it.

                                    A gift of a sarcastic smile
A wink of good sport
She is my Sunday sunshine
it is she who sees my strife
coating it in coffee and bacon grease
never fails to brighten the room
never fails to keep the cup quenched
never fails to make sure my eggs are slightly runny
I Love her.


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