Andres Colon | Hypochondriac

Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Howell
please open up the door
once again I’m sorry to be the burden on your soul
but there is barbed wire running through my veins
my ribs have begun to crumble underneath my heart’s weight
Doctor Doctor Doctor Howell
the virus is elated
and my hunger’s X-rated
don’t you tell me I’m fine
I know when I’m rotting on the inside
Doctor Howell Doctor Howell
why don’t you pick up your phone
my spine is knotted and my fingers are stone
Doctor please Doctor
I have forgotten my own name
I have lost it in the avalanche of the migraines
Doctor Howell
I’ve been paging you all day
Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor please Doctor
the whispers leave a bruise
my scars are painted over and my tongue’s a different hue
Doctor please please Doctor Howell
don’t cast me aside
I swear there are pests in my eyes
Doctor I don’t want to die alone
Doctor Please Pick Up The Fucking Phone


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