Letter From the Editor

2018 Issue

Dear Reader,

It was an honor to be editor-in-chief of this year’s issue of the student literary and art magazine and to work alongside such an amazing staff that made it all possible. I would like to thank everyone who submitted their writing and artwork for consideration. The staff and I truly enjoyed the experience of reviewing the creative work of the SUNY Plattsburgh community, and ultimately the decisions we had to make were very difficult.

Our magazine underwent some critical changes for the 2018 issue, and I am proud to have been a part of making those changes. The 2018 issue of our magazine marks its launch as North Star Literary/Arts Magazine. We made the decision as a staff to disband the name “ZPlatt” after we discovered, while reading Slavery and Freedom in the Mid-Hudson Valley by Michael E. Groth, that our former namesake, Zephaniah Platt, the founder of Plattsburgh, was the owner of a slave named Tone. It was also found by Plattsburgh town historian, Jerry Bates, that Platt owned a second slave named Cato during his lifetime. This year’s magazine staff has made the decision to denounce Platt’s actions in the changing of the magazine’s name. The name “North Star” is a reference to the pole star, which was followed by escaping slaves, and served as a beacon of freedom. Through this decision we hope to encourage others to take similar stances against emblems of discrimination.

It is our hope that North Star Literary/Arts Magazine will continue to be a creative forum for the students of SUNY Plattsburgh for many years to come.


Sara Ransom

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