Fiction: The Fist

2018 Fiction, 2018 Issue, Uncategorized

By: Lukas Hughes

One morning, about ten o’clock, an immense fist appeared in the sky above the city. Many proclaimed it was god, while others just stared in awe. For several years, the fist stayed stagnant, and after several failed attempts to contact it, it was eventually ignored. On the fifth year, however, the fist moved. Not only moved, but it destroyed. It came crashing down, wiping out buildings, homes, and whatever stood in its path. Killing by the thousands and showing mercy to none. In one short hour, the fist had turned the city into rubble. Ten years after the incident, the fist still hangs in the sky,  reminding those of what it is capable of. Only it has not moved since that dark hour. Society has lived in constant fear. But one day, they’ll forget about what the fist did and what it can do. On that day, the fist will move again.

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