Social Media & Online Editor: Kavita Singh

2018 Staff




Life goal?

To be a travel writer/blogger. I like writing and traveling, so it’d be awesome to combine the two passions.

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

Sushi, nachos, calamari, oysters

Favorite TV show?

Breaking Bad, Impractical Jokers, Black Mirror, Gossip Girl, and anything Food Network

What are you passionate about?


Favorite hobby?

Playing the ukulele, chilling with friends, playing online poker

Favorite movies?

La La Land, Storks, The Babadook, Shutter Island, Whiplash

Favorite animal?

Llamas. They’re so cute and goofy.

Favorite thing about myself?

That I can be a fierce leader while still being kind-hearted

Favorite time of day?

Midnight. I’m a night owl, so I’m either ready to party or ready to Netflix and eat in bed. Either way, it’s a win.

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