Fiction Editor: Jennifer Pineda

2018 Staff


What’s your major?

English Writing Arts

Where are you from?

Bronx, New York

Do you hold grudges?

I probably don’t hold grudges. But then again, I’ll never forgive Gregory from second grade for being a little snitch. And I’m still mad at my cousin for putting sugar in my corn flakes when I was five years old.

What’s your favorite most recent memory?

Last summer, I went with my sister to go pick up her diploma from my old high school and the guidance counselor asked me if I had a job yet and when I told her I did not, she said, “I can’t believe as soon as you graduated high school, you thought you could get lazy and not do anything,” to which I responded, “I’m not working this summer because I got cancer.” The look on her face when I said that is what keeps me warm at night.

Best compliment you’ve ever received?

“You look like a gothic dinosaur.”

What’s your favorite hobby?

It’s either procrastinating writing or buying books that I know I don’t have the time to read.

What’s one of your pet peeves?

When I was in high school, my English teacher took ten points off an otherwise fine essay because I forgot to use two commas and now whenever I read something that needs commas, I die a little inside.

Favorite childhood memory?

If I had to pick one, it’d probably be the time that my friend brought her mom’s stethoscope to school to find out if I had a heart.

Favorite time of day?

Three in the morning. It’s the best time to procrastinate doing homework and writing.

Life goal?

Not to have to be a starving artist. As long as I’m not working at Hot Topic in ten years, I’ll be good.

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