This semester I decided to take the course, Literary Magazine Workshop, with Kate Moses here at SUNY Plattsburgh. I had no idea what I would be doing with/for the class, only that we would be working on the schools own literary arts magazine. It has been a great experience and pleasure working with my fellow classmates, throwing ideas around, deciding on the work and ultimately creating the magazine. I can’t say I had any idea on how to create a magazine and how much work and effort needed to be put into it at the beginning, but before I knew it, it was crunch time; we all had to settle down and edit. It is amazing to see that even after a few people look over a piece of writing and do so a few times, there could still be errors. I learned a great amount from this class. I learned that communication, hours of reading/revision, and many eyes are needed to create a magazine full of all different types of art including; photography, drama, fiction, non fiction, poetry, and multimedia. The decisions we had to make on what would be published in the magazine were hard. Many of us were torn between works of art, style, cover photo and so we had a lot of voting and discussion and came up with agreements and standards for this years Z-Platt. We decided on guidelines for submissions that were based off the previous years with a few changes and then proceeded to spread the word. We made posters and hung them up around campus, we made quarter sheets and handed them out, we presented at Coffee House and so much more. The staff of Z-Platt worked hard and made this class like it was their job and I think this years magazine shows for it.

-Jason Diebel

Jason Diebel is a Junior at SUNY Plattsburgh in the Writing Arts program and would like to thank the staff for all the hard work, Kate Moses for teaching the course and bringing it all together.

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