Books, Not Eyes, Are the Windows to the Soul



For many of us, books are among our most treasured possessions. Books are our escape, our adventures, our dreams, and our assistance when times are hard. Bookshelves hold our treasured possessions and yet set them out for the world to see because books are an expression and an extension of who we are. The ZPlatt Staff and friends have gathered pictures of our bookshelves in order to show you what we love; we display our treasures for you to see! Please feel free to comment or send us a picture of your bookshelves so we can add yours as well!

My own bookshelf used to belong to my father. It’s a heavy, real mahogany bookshelf and it has become a place where I honor my father and my love of books.


This bookshelf belongs to Professor Kate Moses who says, “My house is on Main Street in Essex and people keep walking in my front door, thinking it’s the town library.”


The next bookshelf belongs to ZPlatt’s Multimedia Editor, Matthew Young


This bookshelf belongs to Veterinarian Dr. David Goldwasser which includes his childhood books on animals.


The following two photos show the bookshelf that belongs to ZPlatt staff member, Jason Diebel.54

The last, but most certainly not least, bookshelf belongs to ZPlatt staff member Melanie Kiehl.



Don’t forget to share your bookscases in the comment below or email us at!

-Chelsea Drown
Chelsea Drown is a senior and the Public Relations liason for ZPlatt. She hoards books like books like Pringles chips: “once you pop, you don’t stop!”

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