Q&A with Sophie’s Books & Puzzles


I had the honor of stopping in Sophie’s Books & Puzzles and talking to owners Craig and Tina Rock. The newly opened store offers a wide range of books and toys that are all exclusively new. Sophie’s also does special ordering, so if you can’t find the book you are looking for, they can get anything you need.

Make sure to check them out at 345 Cornelia Street, Plattsburgh NY.

IMG_2281 IMG_2282  IMG_2284

Q: How long have you guys been open now?

Tina: Four weeks.

Q: When did you put your sign up?

T: We put the one by the road up about a week after we opened or so, but we just got these ones up (building sign), it was freezing!

Q: Speaking of freezing, what made you open a bookstore in Plattsburgh?

T: We needed one. All we have are the two used bookstores, and you’ve got Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart, but their sections just keep getting smaller and smaller. Everybody talked about when Borders closed that we needed books. Craig and I had the bookstore in Vermont, and it was doing great.

Craig: We had a lot of people from over here shopping in our bookstore in Vermont.

Q: Who is Sophie?

C: My grandmother.

Q: What inspired you to name a bookstore after her?

C: She meant the world to me.

T: She didn’t like to read though! When I tell people, they are like, ‘Really!’ It’s just a whole honor thing.

Q: Can you tell me about your ‘Daily Deal’?

C: Basically we walk around and pick a book. Sometimes the kids will be in here and I’ll say, all right, my daughter will pick tomorrow’s daily deal, and we go with it.

Q: What are some other special events that you guys do? I saw you have book readings on Saturdays?

T: Yeah, Saturdays at ten. This weekend, the 28th, we have an author coming in and he used to be a professor at the college.

Q: Who is it?

T: Robert Davis. We are trying to get more authors in, and we are trying to get local artists to come in and hang their paintings, but I don’t know anyone yet. We’ve passed the word around, but we haven’t had anyone come in yet. But it would be pretty cool to have local artwork.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about owning a bookstore?

T: The books.

C: The freedom of it. Our other bookstore was part of a franchise and we were in a mall, so there were a lot of different rules that we had to oblige, and here we don’t have that.

Q: If you can only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?

T: Oh my goodness! That’s a tough one. There are so many I like, I have no idea. It would have to be a survival guide. If I can only read one book forever, it would have to be a survival guide.


-Annarose Colucci

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