After everything I’ve lost,

you are the only thing to remain.

I’ve tried to push you away,

but you find the cracks into my brain.

You pick me up, push me down,

giving me air before I drown.

You control how I eat,

from feasts to crumbs and in-between.

How many hours do I sleep?

How long will my heart beat?

You can add fuel to my fire

or make me snap at your littlest desire.

I thought your residency was up.

When will you leave?

It’s codependency. Stop being what I need.

You walk across my body with elegant ease.

Each footprint hurts.

Stop making me bleed.

Hope and happiness are just words to believe.

8 years a victim, 8 years held dear,

like the knife in your hands and that smirk ear to ear.

I guess one could say we get along pretty well,

but with history repeating itself,

new scars hold old stories to tell.

I’m just sick of your shit depression.

Can you let me rest in hell?


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