TRYSTAN GANGI | Not Another Statistic

Where we’ve been

makes us who we are.

Objection, Your Honor!

I’m not anchored to these scars.


Our 14-year-old selves would have never foreseen

the people we are

or our will to succeed.

These trials and tribulations have made us believe

that we have what it takes to dig deep underneath.


These streets we walk close to home

are plagued by shadows of loved ones

we used to know.

Years gone by,

not many questions answered.

Implanted thoughts of

we’re not worth chasing after.


The same knife used to carve we hate our lives

Will one day be used to cut steak for our children and wives.

All of our wounds bled, scabbed, and healed into wings.

We have the ability to lift up these kids,

make them see they can achieve anything.

Walls built by society,

to be demolished by underdogs.

Giving up isn’t in our dictionary,

We are Foster Strong.


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