An essence of your dream,

She came to give you clarity.

She was a mystical piece of what felt like

Another dimension of your life.

Deemed to run into a high

From all the truth she held

In her eyes,

You felt weightless.

You felt uplifted,


You held onto

Your greatest pedestal in your mind.

She was here

To teach you the truths to life.

But like all things,

She couldn’t stay forever.

So before she took off,

She left you with the most powerful

Stones to hold onto . . .

Each holding

A story of its own.

The red stone

In sync with the rhythm of your heart,

Your blood flow.

Reminding you that there is more to existence

And making you question

How you have the natural ability

To breathe.


To remember the time you saw beauty in the moss of the forest,

A cryptogamous plant growing on the surface of trees,

But a piece of reality,

Reminding you that you will never be alone

For if you dig deep enough,

In the forest of your mind,

You can always find a relation

To the world around you

And your own existence,

Your own kind.


To remind you

How you are limitless,

Strong as the deep blue seas,

And that to access this strength

You must believe in yourself.

And finally white,

To remind you to always choose the enlightened thoughts

That stream through your mind,

The ones that uplift you,

Caress your mind

With the greatest euphoria of life.

So . . .

She kissed you goodbye,

And reminded you

That even though she may leave your daily presence

You can always reach her

From your heart,

From your mind . . .

For once you meet someone,

You always have access to speaking to them,

From the beat of your heart.

They’re within you.

You’re on zero gravity,


Intertwined . . .

To the greater depths

Of life.


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