NICKOLAS CAVALIERE | Nothing is For Certain

Bend over backwards

I’m glad I’ve found some fun

Through exciting enclosed places

Friends and parties and men who mean no harm

Fury on the freeway

Travel tattooed on my heart

Freedom is my mother—

Uneasy with self-concern


I’ve got so many places to go and live—

Before I settle down

Thorns and Irish fishes

Treasures bedded on my crown

I know I won’t be elected—

Born as a prince

My people are my kindred

My kingdom is this place


Blackbirds on the horizon

Deserts and the south

Tropical ambitions

And white water all around

I’m standing on this island

I’m bleeding out all green

This is not where I want my children

This is not where they’re meant to be


Old cities and new faces

Bottles fill my house

Regrets are inexistent

Loneliness is easily found

I was watching myself growing

When I got attacked

By an aggressive love and interjection

He had violent eyes and he had violent hands


Here is my illusion

Here is my mark

No one to feel self-pity

No one to feel alarmed

I’m a bird that isn’t leaving

Even though I’ve made this start

I hear the call of the western winds—

The stall of the eastern farms


Nothing is for certain

I just want to know

Is this feeling at all needless?

Is it worthless to feel alone?


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