EMMA KIRBY | Ignite That Spark

It cloaks you in shadows, allows you to hide.

It’s the way it caresses and clings to every inch of your body,

It is easy to succumb to darkness.

In the way it forgives and masks

You can finally hide.

You can finally rest.

When you shut those blinds,

every failure,

every mistake.

When you allow that fog to roll over your mind,

It’s so easy to think that the sunlight just . . .


But, here’s the thing:

Your mind, it holds galaxies,

and your body is bewitching.

You have light streaming out of your every pore.

In the darkness it may feel safe and quiet.

But you are not those empty things you define yourself as.

and your mind, as active as the tidal waves.

You are as detailed as the mountains,

Most importantly

A dazzling, glittering illumination.

So behind this darkness,

You are a spark.

light that spark.


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