Denzel Green | We the [Black] People

I’m Not Scared Of Dying, But I’m Scared Of Death.

In A Breath,

It Could All Be Gone, Quite Fond

Of The Fact, That I Get To Act,

Like I Didn’t Get Raised Around

Guns & Crack. I Know It Sounds

Wack . . . We Be Living In Hell.

Can’t Wear My Hood Up,

Every Day I Think About Sean Bell.

Mike Brown, Young Trayvon Too,

Wish I Could’ve Just Appeared

And Helped

Like The People From State Farm Do.

I Mean, Young Black Lives Don’t Matter,

Right? Gang Violence, Same Silence,

We Killing Ourselves

Is The Saddest Part Of The Night.

Never Been To Jail

But Always Treated Like A Criminal,

They Found The Most Direct Way

To Be Subliminal.


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