DANNY FEILER | The Eye of Sauron

Burning the napes of all of their necks,

devouring their worth until nothing is left,

the monstrous Eye leaves only silhouettes,

silhouettes of the once astonishing creatures,

all his victims once were,

before the ugly Eye tainted their existence,

smudging their beauty into a blur,

slavery & inhumanity

are all the Eye knows,

not empathy nor guilt nor mercy,

nor compassion nor control,

the Eye wants one thing from his victims,

the Eye wants their souls,

to toy with & destroy,

& throw out when He’s done,

slaying their spirits,

no regard for what they become,

they get nothing from the Eye,

besides torture & pain,

a festering cockroach inside all Women’s brains,

to escape the Eye’s fate,

there are only two ways,

thou must not acknowledge his presence,

or torch him in Flames.


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