(Two women, three men)

PERSON ONE: either gender

PERSON TWO: either gender

PERSON THREE: either gender

PERSON FOUR: either gender

GOD: Male


Note: The text may be altered to make it feel more natural according to gender

(example: in the monologue of PERSON ONE, “they” can be changed to a more

gender-specific noun).


Lights up. There is a man (GOD) sleeping on a couch next to a globe. Four

people stand slightly behind and to either side of this area.


PERSON ONE: (wincing and grabbing ribs, slightly anxious) Ow, yeah I fell

down . . . Broken? You say it is broken . . . Wow I . . . I must have fallen

just right. It’s a what? (anxiety rising) I don’t want to see a social worker!

I don’t care if this is an indicator of abuse. You don’t know. I know! Fuck

with protocol, I don’t give a shit. This is ridiculous. Who would do this to

me? (quieter, but slowly getting louder, going again into denial) No . . .

they love me . . . they would never, ever hurt me. No! They love me! They

would never! You just don’t understand! They would never . . .


PERSON TWO: Yeah, I am all finished. (pause) What’s with that look? I’m just

not hungry. There is nothing to worry about . . . I . . . I just had a big break-

fast is all. Don’t worry about it! Isn’t everyone worried about their weight?

It’s not weird, and I mean look at this! (pinching at arm) Disgusting, it is

just disgusting . . . I was looking up ideas online. There is a forum for peo-

ple like me. We share . . . ideas. They would destroy me if I ate more of that.

I can control it, I’m not hungry. (mad) Stop it! Stop looking at me like that! I

am in control of this!


PERSON THREE: (on the phone, exhausted) I know I’m late . . . I’m sorry.

Please don’t cut the power off. I just need an extension. I understand you

have a policy, but can I just send you half right now? Please. I’m a single

parent with two kids and two jobs. Life is just so . . . Hello? . . . (sighs and

puts down the phone, which has disconnected. Continues, talking to self and

rubbing temples) Hard. Fuck . . . I don’t know what we can cut back on, I

am already working sixty hours a week. I barely see my kids. They’re so

young, I feel as if I barely know them anymore . . .

PERSON FOUR: (gulp as if swallowing something, start to breath heavy, excited)

(talking to self) I did it. (laughs) I can’t believe I did it! That has to be

enough. Now all I have to do is . . . wait . . . (anxious, begins to fidget) How

long will it take me to . . . (strained laughter) This is ridiculous. I have tried

this twice before now. It’s time . . . I think. (very anxious) Why does dying

take so long?! (begins to softly cry, quieter now) Should I throw up?

The four begin to speak, still independent of each other and overlapping,

their voices more intense and eventually louder, building into a yell.


PERSON TWO: I am so afraid.

PERSON THREE: Why can’t I get ahead? What’s wrong with me?

PERSON FOUR: (as if an echo)                    What’s wrong with me?

PERSON ONE:      Am I so . . . unlovable?

PERSON THREE:             Incapable?

PERSON TWO:                 Fat.

PERSON FOUR:                     Hopeless? . . . Why is life so hard!

PERSON THREE: I’ve been trying.

PERSON TWO:                 I disgust myself.

PERSON ONE:                 This is too much . . . HELP me.

PERSON FOUR:    I am not strong enough.

PERSON THREE:                   I am so tired.

PERSON ONE:                            WHY AM I NOT ENOUGH?

PERSON TWO: I can’t do this anymore . . .

PERSON ONE:                   Help me.

PERSON TWO:                   I can’t take this anymore . . .

PERSON THREE:                                       Help me.

PERSON TWO:                                        I need you.



PERSON ONE, TWO, THREE, and FOUR: (turning to the sleeping figure, they

say in unison) WHY WON’T YOU DO SOMETHING!


The man on the couch, GOD, begins to stir. As his eyes open and he sits up,

PERSON ONE, TWO, THREE, and FOUR collapse to the floor. He wakes

as if froman uneasy sleep, looking around as though he is unsure where he

is, or that he is awake, troubled by a realistic dream.


GOD:    (rubbing eyes) Well that was a weird fucking dream. Don’t eat before

bed . . . That’s gotta be a rule. (yawning) Now . . . let’s see . . . (stretching

and standing up) Now, let’s see . . . (counting on his hands, the number one)

first it was light and dark, the night and the day. Good, good. Then, (two

fingers) the separation of waters from the Heaven (nodding). (Moving to the

globe, three fingers displayed) And there is Earth, the seas, and the good

things that grow. (smiles, displaying four fingers, spinning the globe) There

is order: stars, seasons, sun and moon; and that is good. Yesterday, (five

fingers, smiling down upon the globe, nostalgic) I brought forth the fish of

the sea and the birds. (signing, cracking knuckles) So today, it is time for the

beasts of the earth (spinning the globe, GOD pauses to appreciate his new

creation, nodding and smiling down on them). Yes, that is good too. What

else? Today I was also supposed to . . . (looks to couch and shudders, as if

remembering a nightmare) No, no . . . (shaking his head, crossing back to

the couch). This is good. (yawning) This is good. (goes back to sleep on the

couch, end of the sixth day).



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