Noah Davis | Another Scar, Another Story

A foreign kid who’s never heard,

because he only knows every other word.

A self-made man who has it all

but, having lost the girl, he feels so small.

A single mom, she’s called a whore,

but she struggles and strives

to give her baby more.

Each person, a character

in the story of life.

From the vendor in the street to the bum at your feet,

from the man dressed in drag to the officer with the badge:

characters are everywhere, and they can’t be replaced.

even those with whom we’re never face-to-face.

So never give up, never give in, though it’s a struggle.

When you get knocked down rise again.

Accumulate another scar; never forget who you are.

Remember that without them your story wouldn’t go very far.

Without each of you, my story wouldn’t have gotten this far.


To watch a video of Noah reading this poem, go to multimedia.


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