Keith Letky | Dis Be Da Verse


What’s cunnilingus?

It’s a funny word.

I’m a cunnin’ linguist,

Here to hip-hop your world.



First off, let’s talk shop.

You think you’re my match?

You ain’t a DJ

Unless you can scratch.


When all is ready,

Pump up the volume.

My crowd is movin’,

Yours’ is on Valium.


I throw this switch,

And crab the crossfader.

Join the Pharcyde.

The name’s Darth Vader.



Here’s your elegy,

As well as your hearse.

You ain’t a poet

Unless you write verse.


How we speak naturally?

Speak for yourself.

Put what you call poetry

Back on the shelf.


Trochee-pin’ it real,

I-amb dactyl-icious.

I’m not stressed out,

You’re anapest-imistic.


Still wanna converse,

You free-versin’ cons?

Your ass is grass,

I mow these lawns.



You mix MP3s?

Let’s face the facts.

You ain’t a DJ

Unless you spin wax.


I dig breaks and beats

To feed my MPC.

Where you been diggin’?

Your crates are empty.


My platter’s refined,

Leave laptop at home.

Bring two turntables,

And a microphone.



Last night a DJ saved my life,

And once a poet did too.

But as you probably know,

Neither were you.


So unless you can scratch,

Unless you write verse,

Unless you spin wax,

You best rehearse.


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