Farrel (Ryan Herlihy) | Inanimate Love Letter

A love letter between a shoe and a mirror.


You have a power

to tell people’s stories.

In an intimate overview you show people

their beauty, their bravery even their ugly truths.

You show them

there is a light in their eye, even when they cry.

And that if they can face you every morning,

the world will be a pushover.


I adore how the sun makes you sparkle every morning.

I am right next to the door,

always ready to run.

I never stay in the same place too long.


But you. You make me want to stay.

You make me forget about the door

and all the adventure outside.

But I’m scared of how you’ll view me.

When I look at you

all I can see are my crisscross scars,

different colors down my body.

I know I’ve been dragged through too much

and I’m worn around the edges.


But you help me see vibrant colors

that are now faded.

You remind me I’m more flexible in my old age,

not so stiff and rigid anymore.

Maybe I can teach you to bend one day.


So don’t count me out.

One day, I might just refuse to walk out that door.

I would defy the very order of the world

to stay in this room with you.

We can be the couple that everyone talks about,

that no one thought would make it.

If you can just look past

my crisscross scars,

I will love you forever.


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