Caitlin Krahn | Now That I’ve Found You

first thing’s first:

rip out all the pages

of everything I think

I know about how

to be with you.

books I’ve read

movies I’ve seen

stories I’ve heard

don’t qualify as manuals.

so here’s a pen

I’m a blank page

sketch your heart next to mine

and write me a story

something new

something original

something nobody else

will understand.

teach me how to read

the language you design for me.

write me novels that never end,

detailing all the things

you’re gonna do to

make me fall in love with you

‘til you have to build shelves upon shelves

inside me to contain every word.

come closer

teach me how to do this

tangle your fingers through my fingers

and lay your lips on mine

plan elaborate speeches

for changing my world

you know I’ll listen

I love hearing you talk.

after that

I need you to write down

all the things I don’t know

but not like everybody else

has already written them.

don’t worry

it’s not possible for you to be bad at it

after all, what have I got to compare you to?

you’re the first so come here right now

and be my first.

don’t just read me a romance

that’s been read a thousand times before–

I’m not expecting Prince Charming

I’m just expecting you.

let’s write our own fairytale–

bookend my heart with all

the adventures we’re gonna have.

I’ll take the pictures for our kids

and you write the words


so if you’re ready…

here’s a pen

I’m the blank page

sketch your heart next to mine

and write me a story.


To watch a video of Caitlin reading this poem, visit the multimedia section.


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