Keith Letky | Dis Be Da Verse *1st Place, Robert Frost Poetry Contest

Caitlin Krahn | Now That I’ve Found You

Joseph Ferguson II | Alone

Noah Davis | Another Scar, Another Story

Njeri Wright | Where I’m From

Jason Diebel | Eyes

Jason Diebel | Poetically

Caitlin Krahn | Bring Me Back *3rd Place, Robert Frost Poetry Contest

Keith Letky | My Philosophagus

Abisola Mojeed | Ear Infection

Chelsey van der Munnik | Bruxism

Kym Taylor | Zombie Dance

Keith Letky | A Zombie’s Qualm

Abisola Mojeed | Garage Days

Michelle LaRosa | A Hazy Memory

Kathleen Dumont | A Daughter’s Wish

Hanna Yost | Notes to my Daughter *2nd Place, Robert Frost Poetry Contest

Geralyn Adams | Gewelianna

Abisola Mojeed | Powder-Blue

Farrel (Ryan Herlihy) | Inanimate Love Letter

Stephen Nguyen | Hey Diana

Abisola Mojeed | Siegfried’s Mathematics

Farrel (Ryan Herlihy) | My Violin

Kathleen Dumont | Untitled

John Emanuel | Nothing Pie

Ryan Edwards | To a Hatchling

Farrel (Ryan Herlihy) | Too Bad

Ryan Edwards | I Raised a Garden in a Golden Grove

Keith Letky | All of Me (Why Not Take All of Me)

Njeri Wright | Time-Mine

Chelsey van der Munnik | Quiet as She Was

Daniel Pronto-Gordon | Routine

Keith Letky | Our Shitty-Landord God

Kym Taylor | Critical Crows

Abisola Mojeed | Heathrow

Ryan Edwards | A Reverie

Kym Taylor | Flood

Stephanie Gengler | Melting Snow

Ryan Edwards | Written After Watching a Lunar Moth Burn to Death in a Campfire

Chelsey van der Munnik | Slip

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