Meghan Fangmann | Specialty Home

A young girl ruminates over her family life and gives a chilling description of a modern American household, with a shocking revelation in the conclusion.


Alina Walentowicz | Relations

A young woman hides in her lover’s closet, in fear that their clandestine affair might be revealed to her lover’s wife.


Brian Molongoski | Echoes of an Ill-Chosen Fate

A young construction worker meets a woman at a bar, and they hit it off, while he internally struggles with his recent decision to embark on a criminal enterprise with his coworkers.


Melanie Kiehl | Proof

A husband and wife are panicking as they drive down the road, having just committed a grisly murder in their own home.


Christine Lehane | Cake

A young child is at a family gathering, his only concern being “When can we have cake?”


Jenny Jiweon Seo | Saying it Right

A young child struggles to accept his adopted sister, at first showing great frustration, then a blossoming friendship.


Griffin Kelly | Wait Here for Vincent

A writer finds himself on a bench in an ethereal world.


Nicolette Marshall | Lemon Chiffon

A lonely woman banters with the man hired to paint her house over glasses of wine.


Sara Bashant | Me and the Talking Trees

A young Southern girl has a traumatizing experience, but ends up strengthening her relationship with her family and empowering herself.


Zechariah Borden | Grease Stains *Winner, 2014 English Department Fiction Award

A man experiences a fatal car wreck while under the influence of LSD.

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