International Literary Exchange: Poetry by Tayne Ephraim

international literary exchange, Poetry

Carpe Diem

Under the cracked yellow walls

of movie sets

In the bar

by the old river, where candles

float away

in tiny paper boats

In painted wicker chairs


drunk on youth

In tailored boots, leather

denim jacket

4 a.m.  on dead streets

joy-riding with drug dealers

through curtains

of misted rain

crashing the bike

and making them cry


                        I took the ’67

                        for a ride in the paddies

                        dressed in sweat

                        & with cigarette

                        & with bloodshot

                        eyes we were quick

                        & covered in dust

                        the sun licked us

                        through the haze

                        from a dim room

                        & with wine

                        in my eyes

                        I watch myself go by

                        lost in a neon mirage

                        the unloving night

                        ebbs on

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